My Spending Planner

Mary Ingerton

Through our Support Coordination networks, we often hear about the challenges Support Coordinators have when working with participants to plan how to utilise their NDIS funding.

Some of the thing we’ve heard are….

  • Keeping up to date with the NDIS Price Guide is an administrative challenge as it is constantly changing which impacts on pretty much everything we do.

  • Our role as a Support Coordinator is all about choice and control for the participants we work with, but giving them the ability to see various planning options and the impact upon their budget is difficult.

  • Using manual spreadsheets and calculators to unpack and calculate budget expenditure, is clunky and time consuming and often confusing for participants.

Margie and Sally both expressed the same frustrations around using spreadsheets and other manual processes, as they took too much time to use and maintain. Having searched extensively and finding there wasn't a product on the market that would do what they wanted, they set about building My Spending Planner.

The tool is simple and quick to use and will ensure Support Coordinators can support participants to understand and plan how to fully utilise their NDIS plan to achieve their goals.

Some of the great features and benefits are:

  • being able to use the tool wherever you are as its online and transportable
  • automatic calculation of budgets down to line items, saving you time and eliminating errors
  • seeing the budget utilisation in one place for all of the participants you are working with 
  • automatically updating information from the NDIS Price Guide each time it changes
  • being able to provide detailed PDF reports of supports required to service providers
  • the ability to clone existing budgets for participants, reducing the need for duplication
  • easily keep track of budget expenditure and facilitate planning for staged activities
  • providing reports for review meetings of recommended activities to support participants to achieve their goals
  • transparency and a visual tool for participants to help them build capacity in managing their NDIS plan

If you want to find more information about how to get access to this tool, go to our My Spending Planner page or Contact us with your queries. 

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