Online Workshops

Our online workshops will help you to...

  • understand the Support Coordination role,
  • manage highly complex situations, and
  • lead effective Support Coordination teams!

Interactive sessions

Our workshops are online so you can interact with other learners from across the country and get your questions answered from our skilled facilitators!

Workshop resources

You can download and save all of the workshop resources and we even record the session in case you missed something!


We provide you with a unique Certificate of Completion for every online workshop you complete!

Online Workshop options...

Support Coordination Fundamentals

For new Support Coordinators and those aspiring to enter the Support Coordinator role...

to really understand what Support Coordinators do day to day and the critical parts of the role!

Support Coordination Practice Challenges

For more experienced Support Coordinators...

understand what capacity building really means, explore how to manage highly complex situations and enhance your Support Coordination practice!

Support Coordination Leadership

For team leaders and managers of Support Coordination teams...

understand what it takes to maintain high performing Support Coordination services and the unique leadership skills required!
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