Self-Paced Learning

Our Self-Paced Learning is perfect for anyone looking for a deep dive into a specific topic!

Learn at your own pace

Ongoing access to each topic so you can deep dive and progress through the content as quickly (or as slowly) as you need.

Instructional Videos

Videos from our team of Support Coordination Academy professionals, providing practical information around each topic.


A Reflection Journal you can download and add to, as you progress through the video, handouts and templates to help you reflect and imbed your learning!

Self-paced learning options...

Understanding the NDIS

What is the NDIS aiming to achieve?  How does it work?  What are the roles a participant may have contact with?

Support Coordination Pathway

What are the activities Support Coordinators do in their role?  Understand the fundamental structure of the Support Coordination role!

The Scope of Support Coordination

Where are the boundaries of the Support Coordinator role?  How does the role fit with other similar roles?

The Art of Support Coordination

Why are the outcomes achieved by Support Coordinators so different? Understand the Art of great Support Coordination!

 Writing Effective Case Notes

Writing case notes sometimes feels like a chore, especially when there is so much else to do... however, we all know that documenting what we do, in any role, is important!

 NDIS Reporting

Understand the lifecycle of NDIS reporting, work through practical activities, get access to NDIS reporting templates and learn how to measure and evidence participant outcomes!

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