NDIS Support Coordinator Training

Facilitated online Workshops with extensive handouts, professional tools and activities designed with best practice principles to elevate your skills and confidence in the role!
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What's included

Online Facilitated

An interactive online classroom where you learn from highly skilled Facilitators and includes lots of activities and real life examples - 4 x 4 hour Workshops starting at 9am (QLD time zone)

Pre-Workshop Activities

A Resource with activities to learn how to find information about NDIS processes and access to planning Tools to help you develop your skills to support participants to achieve great outcomes


Purpose designed Handouts included in each Workshop to help you retain the information presented and to help you easily transfer what you have learnt into your Support Coordinator role 


Links to resources to help you easily find information about your professional responsibilities in the NDIS and specific resources to help you build your professional skills

Self-Assessment Questions

Self-paced questions for you to work through to test your understanding of the information presented and to reinforce the main concepts of what you will learn in each session

Certificate of Completion

A Certificate of Completion to evidence your commitment to best practice principles and learning how to be a professional Support Coordinator in the NDIS! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does the training cost $800?

Our training includes both our Fundamentals (beginner) and Professional Practice (intermediate) training into one comprehensive package with a strong focus on supporting you to develop your professional practice.  The increased content and depth of information provided exceeds the quality of training you will receive from other training organisations.

Why complete training with SCA?

Our training is created and facilitated by people working in Support Coordination and the NDIS.  We provide you with practical information to help develop your professional practice so you truly understand the complexities of the Support Coordinator role and can confidently support a participant to achieve great outcomes.

Do you offer a discount?

Yes, if 2 or more people want to complete our training at the same time, we offer an additional 10% off the total cost of the training.  Please send us an email at info@scacademy.com.au if you want to inquire about accessing our discounted training. Note: this does not apply if other discounts have been offered.

What size are your Workshops?

We value quality over quantity within our Facilitated Workshops.  We limit the size of each Workshop to ensure everyone has the opportunity to ask questions and participant within the group.  We close registration for each Workshop at a maximum of 20 people per session.  

Our students love us

Considering your experience with our training, how likely would you recommend this training to a friend or colleague?

Average: 10/10

How much practical knowledge have you gained from this training, that you feel you could easily apply to a Support Coordinator role?
AVERAGE: A great deal of practical knowldge
The pre-Workshop activities helped to broaden my understanding of the topics they related to.
average: 5/5
The course content was clear to understand and useful in my career.


The Facilitator was experienced in Support Coordination and explained the concepts of the training effectively.
What overall rating would you give this NDIS Support Coordinator Training?
average 5/5

What are the major strengths of this training?

  • Very thorough, covered a lot of subject matter and well presented.
  • It flowed well and I enjoyed the course. 
  • The experience of the trainer.
  • Great deal of information that was described clearly.
  • The inclusive nature made it a comfortable place to contribute.
  • I gained a lot from Shaughn and his experience in the field and the NDIS.

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