Professional Development Series for Support Coordinators

Free Webinars to enhance your understanding of the Support Coordinator role within the NDIS
Mary Ingerton - Managing Director
Support Coordination Academy

With more than 20 years experience in the human services and disability sector

Sponsored by
Endeavour Foundation

  • Monthly Webinars each with a specific topic focus
  • Access Webinar recordings presented in previous months
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19 JUN 2024
24 JUL 2024
21 AUG 2024
18 SEP 2024
12pm to 1pm (aest)

Support Coordination and
Person-Centred Planning

  • Understand what a person-centred approach means
  • The difference between person and service centred approaches
  • How to support a participant to share what's important to them

NDIS Reasonable and Necessary

  • Understand what Reasonable and Necessary criteria means
  • How to explain Reasonable and Necessary to participants
  • Strategies to empower choice and control for participants

  • 12PM TO 1PM (AEST)

    Managing risk in the Support Coordinator role

  • Understand different types of risk
  • Know your responsibilities for managing risk
  • Strategies to evidence how risk has been managed
  • 12PM TO 1PM (AEST)

    Managing a Conflict of Interest

  • Understand what a conflict of interest means
  • Know your responsibilities to manage a conflict of interest
  • Strategies for participant choice and control

  • 12PM TO 1PM (AEST)


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  • 22 MAY 2024
    24 APR 2024
    20 MAR 2024
    21 FEB 2024
    24 JAN 2024

    Strategies for Capacity Building in Support Coordination

    • Understand what a capacity building approach means
    • Develop opportunities to build capacity
    • Strategies to evidence how a participant has built capacity
    Access webinar recordings

    Safeguarding - What is your role as a Support Coordinator?

  • What does "Safeguarding" mean?
  • What are your responsibilities for Critical Incident Reporting?
  • NDIS Code of Conduct and Support Coordination


    Support Coordination hours - how to manage the limited hours available

  • Planning and prioritising how to support a participant
  • How to forecast and track Support Coordination hours
  • Strategies to manage Support Coordination hours

    NDIS Change of Situation - managing a change in a participant's situation

  • What is a Plan Variation?
  • What is a Plan Reassessment?
  • When to notify the NDIS of a change in a participant's situation


    NDIS Participant Plan reviews - how to support a participant to get the supports they need

  • Pre-planning to understand support needs and plan for the future
  • Gathering evidence to support recommendations
  • NDIS Progress Report Template
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