What's great about the NDIS!

People really resonated with our Blog about the negative media around fraud in the NDIS and wanting to focus our energy on what's working well through Good News Stories!
Jun 17 / Mary Ingerton

The response to our Blog about the negative media around fraud in the NDIS, really resonated with a lot of people.  As part of this post, we asked for some good news stories to focus our energy on capturing and celebrating the positive impact that Support Coordination has on people with disability each and every day.

Here is one of those good news stories, which is a great example of the passion and commitment to achieve great outcomes for the people we support.  This also highlights how foundational supports within the community, can support people with disability to transition through to the NDIS to access appropriate support, and empower a person to create positive change to achieve their life goals.

NSW Health AOT contacted us in 2020 to refer a participant with a diagnosis of Schizophrenia, and substance abuse. He rarely left his home, isolated from community, had deteriorating physical health, a poor home environment, and was unable to work.

Our organisation was referred to support him to gain access to the NDIS through our NDIS transition program. We were then chosen by the participant to provide support coordination and later psychosocial recovery coaching when the support became available.

We worked with the participant and the AOT to help build a support network that addressed key psychosocial issues, improving his connection to his community, with mental health trained support workers assisting him, his physical health by setting goals for walking and bike riding each week, as well as exercise physiology to work on specific areas of poor mobility. His home environment improved over time with regular cleaners and support workers who helped to build cleaning capacity. He then began to learn a language (Russian) once per week and took free community courses on how to use computers.

Given he had goals to work towards, a community to connect with and filled his time with things that improved his health, the substance use diminished drastically.

Having these key supports linked in and being consistently contacted by his support coordinator/psychosocial recovery coach, he was eventually able to build such a strong foundation of wellbeing that he reentered the workforce as a taxi driver. He then reached his lifelong dream of travelling to Egypt from his own savings and now seeks to travel to India.

Provided by Trent Reilly - Proveda

We would love to publish your Good News Story to share with the Support Coordination community to demonstrate the amazing work that takes place every day.  If you want to share your Good News Story, or have any questions, please contact us at info@scacademy.com.au – we would love to hear from you!

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